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In many ways, the COVID-19 gym shut-down accelerated an already intense competition in the virtual health and fitness marketplace. Companies such as Peloton and Mirror were already bringing high-end, high-quality workouts into individuals’ homes, while club-staple Les Mills’ expansion into the on-demand arena created another at-home avenueencompassing classes and training programs. Meanwhile, brick-and-mortar gym shops shut down, forcing owners to pivot and change business models within weeks. Their one option? Jump into the digital fray–which is exactly what they did–giving away free classes, offering free trials, and supercharging their online community with ad hoc Zoom classes and YouTube videos. Within weeks a brand new business vertical emerged–off-site virtual fitness and remote training. Local gyms went head-to-head with national competitors. Now, it’s time for your digital vertical to turn a profit because, demand suggests, [...]

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Increase Health Club Memberships and Retention Rates with Virtual Group Fitness Classes

Virtual Group Fitness is a Great Way to Increase Health Club Membership Gyms are usually full only during specific times such as early mornings and evenings. The rest of the time, the gyms see just a few people or none at all. For owners, it is a great disappointment to see people walking away from the gym just because they are full. There is also the issue of providing group training to just a couple of people during late mornings and afternoons as this is not economically viable. If you are a gym owner who is facing such problems, virtual [...]